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Willis Lamm, KBR Horse Net, LRTC Wild Horse Mentors

There are all sorts of ways horse people can make-do. I've written articles on "Training Horses articles on "Training Horses the Wal-Mart Way" that discuss improvising a variety of effective training tools from ordinary materials found at Wal-Mart or K-Mart. But I've never seen it pay to take shortcuts when it comes to headgear and saddles. These devices need to be comfortable to both rider and horse, fit properly, send the proper "message" to the horse, and be absolutely reliable.

For over 20 years I've used rope halters, reins and even rope headstalls fashioned from side-pull rope halters on quite literally hundreds of horses. All those rope halters, leads and reins that I purchased, that were of good quality and workmanship remain just as serviceable today as they were when I first bought them. These still-serviceable items include every halter, lead and rein that I've ever bought from Pat F.

I've occasionally purchased cheaper gear to compare. These "bargains" typically were either made from inferior materials, were poorly constructed or both. Over the long term they were no bargains at all.

Real value involves purchasing an item at a fair price that will do the job well and also go the distance. Pat is one of only a handful of providers that I happily recommend for the value she has provided for the money that I've spent.

BTW - Here's a link to one of the "Training Horses the Wal-Mart Way" stories. EVERY horse shown is wearing a rope halter (Either a Pat Fredrickson or a Pat Parelli.)

John Lyons Product Review - Perfect Horse March 2004: Good proportioned fit. Finished ends, smooth material. Soft with some "body" to hold its shape. Flexible and easy to tie. Nice fit on widest range of horses.

Thanks for the beautifully made halter & lead rope. It's great having a halter that really fits my two year old Nokota colt. John

The Side Pull Halters are great, along with the lead ropes, reins & romels. Love your products! Easy for me to use & so soft for me and my horses. Robbyn T.

Thanks so much for the speedy delivery! The color and the feel of the halter and rope are just gorgeous - I am thrilled!! When friends at the barn inquire as to where I obtained such a beautiful set, I will be so happy to tell them about your web site!

All the best, a very satisfied customer, Janet

I'll have to teach my friend to search your site better...many of the colors are shown in your pictures. And I'll give him your flyer too! Of course you can use my note in your testimonials. I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again and I'll pass your info. onto other people at my Ranch! Lara

I had many great suggestions for rope halters, there are several people out there with nice products, but Pat Fredrickson's clients out-numbered the others at least 20:1, and they lobbied the strongest, so I ordered a bunch of hers.
Now the truth is, I **know** Pat makes great halters because my two favorites are from her, but I had to ask y'all because I haven't been competing so haven't seen what's out there recently.
Pat, your customers love your products.... I bet my customers love them too! --- Linda

I work at a boarding stable. One of my main jobs is moving horses from stalls to turnouts. I use one halter because I would never be able to keep more where they were supposed to be. From (lots of) experience, I prefer rope halters made of thin, lightweight rope that has enough
body to kind of hold its shape while I'm putting on the horse's face. The part that goes over the horse's poll and then ties should be long enough to tie easily. The lead rope should also be fairly thin and flexible.

I know Pat makes halters/leads like this because I've bought them from her. Cheers, Laney

I live in Arcata. I've seen you at a few rides this year, in fact, I bought a halter from you at Tevis and a lead rope from you at Morgan Springs. Your stuff is great! Renee

Very nice halter and lead!!! Thanks! Nannette,

Oh Pat,
They all look gorgeous! What beautiful colors......and they are soft !!!!!! Thank you very much.
They arrived Friday, but I took the day off, so I didn't get them until I came into the office this a.m.
I can hardly wait to try them on the "girls" to see how they fit. You are correct, those skinny ones ARE very skinny !!!!!! But your "expertise" on these was very helpful, and I do appreciate all the information you gave me. I am sure I will be ordering more. They look terrific, though. You do a very nice job !!!

Again, thank you VERY much.Cynthia M. F.

The halter arrived today. It's BEAUTIFUL! I just got back from riding, so will probably try him it in tomorrow. Amber

Yeah! It arrived today and it's LOVELY! Thank you! Pat B.

Oh I LOVE it! I've already used. Had to move horses around tonight and it worked just fine on everything from weanlings to adults. So nice... I know which halter I'm going to grab from now on: Thank you! Pat

Halter and lead received--thanks. I hope we can get you lots of business out of this, too. both of the minis I take will be wearing their rope halters. I absolutely love them--the halters AND the horses. pat

I received the halters today. They are real nice and soft, I know they will work out very well for me for years to come.
Thank you for the great product. Debi

I received the purple halter and lead you sent me. Thank you. I love it. It fits my horse perfectly.

I love the pretty rope halters. The small size fits well. Thanks,Kathy

Hi, Pat -- I don't even KNOW how many halters and lead ropes I have ordered from you over the years, and here I am about to place another order.
I know of you through the Wild Horse Mentors and so you help keep my seven Mustangs and other horses in the height of fashion. I rotate my horses in and out of my friend's stable, where she uses them for lesson horses. The riding is done in one of your halters and lead ropes! Everyone asks about where we get them and I keep your phone number with me to give them, along with the link to your website.
The reason I am a repeat customer is because of your thoughtfulness when I order, your immediate delivery, the excellent quality and above all, your generosity in helping the Wild Ones.
Thank you for being so great to work with. I'll be contacting you soon as my halters get borrowed a lot and I seem to be running low. Just need to take a few field measurements!
Regards, Chris McS

Pat, thank you for your patience and multitude of information about your halters and reins.I am looking forward to receiving everything that I ordered today.Until the next time we do business. kim r

Dear Pat, The halters and leads arrived PDQ. They're perfect. Thanks for the nice work and speedy shipment. Jay C

Thanks Pat. It's been a pleasure doing business with you! Lori M

Your halters are the BEST quality I have found! I have seem ones in tack stores (way to big of rope size used), seen Parellis' (way too expensive!!!) and others.... None compare to the price, quality, speed of delivery, and choices. I LOVE the "tiny" rope and one size up with the knots in the nose. They are the best to "ride" with and teach horses with. It's neat to be able to ride on the trail - all natural and bareback! Thanks so much over the years for your super halters and service. You're the best Pat..... We refer people to you all the time! Amy B

Pat, thank you for your patience and multitude of information about your halters and reins.I am looking forward to receiving everything that I ordered today.Until the next time we do business. kim r

Pat, just a note to let you know I received my side pull and reins yesterday and am very pleased. with your product and prompt service. thanks LB

Thank you so much. I received my order today and am extremely happy with both the quality and service. Pam F.

Thank you, Pat. It's great!

Everything that I have ordered from you has been wonderful. Kim P.

Halter and reins arrived while I was at a conference--thanks, they look great. Katie J.

Pat this is Dan H. I ordered a lead rope from you the other day it was just great.

Seen many and tried a few of the natural horse halters. Yours are truly my favorite. Kae P.

I love your halters. Dana

My horse has a tendency to walk off when he wants to. He tried it one time with his new halter & he hasn't tried it since. Thanks, I love it. Joan L.

Thanks Pat, it's great. Nicole K.

I ordered a halter from you a number of years ago and just love it. Heidi C.

I thank you for the wonderful halters you make. Cynthia F.

Thanks, Pat for your super-fast delivery of my new purple halter. I love it and know it last for years, just like the first one I ordered from you! Marcia R.

My halter arrived soon after I spoke with you. thanks.Great doing business with you. Your prompt responses were greatly appreciated. Ruth F.

I ordered two rope halters from Pat. They came yesterday and I am very satisfied with them. I didn't measure my animals for a custom fit as the directions on the web site suggest. Pat
called me and talked to me about my colts and suggested a size. I put Juniors on him last night to take him to the stable and he liked it. Junior is the smaller of the two and I have to tie his up high but it will fit him for at least a year. I know Vals is big enough as well. I bought the side pull type with the o rings on the side and intend to start ground driving with these. I just wanted to thank Pat for the service and the product and to recommend her to the rest of you. Jim T.